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Blimp Details

There are several different options we can take with the blimp project. Basically what we can do depends on how much money we can raise. We raised hundreds of millions of dollars to put an anti-war candidate in office. If we work together we can easily afford any option outlined below.


Option 1 : The "back-up" or "starter" plan

If we initially raise a smaller amount of money we can start our effort by holding a multi-city anti-war rally with a plane flying overhead each rally. The planes will be trailing banners that read "End the War", etc.

Having 10, 20 or more cities holding anti-war rallies simultaneously will ensure the media will cover the events. It will also be a great way to market and build momentum for greater funding for the blimp. Airplanes run a few thousand per plane per day, so with approximately $25-$50K we will be able to do something significant.


Option 2 : Smaller blimps

There are smaller blimps that actually light up from the inside and can be flown at night that are much less expensive than the large blimps. These blimps run approximately $80K-$100K per month. They can be deflated and driven from location to location which makes them much more flexible in terms of scheduling for events. Large blimps are always full of helium and must be flown from location to location, at 30mph it takes large blimps a much longer time period to move from place to place.

Here is a video of one company that makes these smaller and more portable blimps:


Option 3 : A large blimp

A large blimp can run around $400K per month (with a team). The main advantage of large blimps are that media, celebrities, politicians and more can all take rides in the blimp. This significantly ups the draw and publicity generating power of the blimp project and so significantly improves it's ability to generate the political pressure necessary to end the war.

Update 2.5.2010: We've been contacted by another blimp company who says they can offer blimps at half the $400K of the largest blimp. These blimps are a little bit smaller but they can still have passengers and they are also hot air blimps which will mean more flexibility in terms of getting them from location to location.


Option 4 : Everything at once!

To have the largest impact we could combine all of the options listed above with monthly (or even weekly) multi-city anti-war protests. Large blimps, smaller blimps and advertising airplanes in conjunction with multi-city anti war protests will be an incredible nationwide spectacle that will unquestionably show the support of the people to end the wars. This is our goal.